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Everyone at TSS is proud that our work is helping genuine pioneers. Each day you push the boundaries, battle the elements, and run that extra mile. In deserts, on oceans, in jungles, and more. It’s a tough job. It’s a noble job. We’re glad we can help. Always.

It’s the rush of adrenalin that floods your senses whenever I solve a customer’s problem.”

Jan Willem LinsenDirector of Operations

Our customer are real ‘go-getters’, and I like the way we try to be even more go-getting than them.”

Vivian MengelersHR Manager

It is fascinating to me that although this place requires solidness in knowing and limitless learning, our solutions do actually evolve in dynamic discussions on why we do what we do.

Stephan MulderMarketing & Sales Support Officer

The teamwork ethic here always gives me a buzz. And it’s not just between colleagues, we’re forming ad-hoc teams all the time with our customers – coming together in an instant to attack a specific problem.”

William LammersSales Support Officer

It’s quite simply the attitude that everyone has here. Maybe it’s a reflection of our customers’ energetic personalities, or the nature of our technologies. Whatever it is, it’s created a real ‘can-do’ attitude. And I like that.”

Erik DijstelbloemSales Support Officer

I’ve worked for many companies, but TSS is one of the very few that spend time and effort on meticulous product documentation. This enables fast, accurate and effective trouble-shooting. Yet amazingly, so many companies don’t do it. But we do and as an engineer, I like that.”

Heleen Schmitz Support Engineer

Most engineers don’t have both extensive supplier- and customer-contact. But we do. And that’s good – it enables us to see a unity of effort and reward.”

Martijn SmitsProject/R&D Engineer

It’s the international aspect I’ve found fascinating. Interacting and helping people from all over the world means that no two days are the same.”

Ron van de WaterbeemdProject Engineer

Although my role focusses on office management and ISO quality audits, I really enjoy watching and listening to the engineers discuss, attack and ultimately solve customer problems. It creates a very infectious enthusiasm that everyone seems to deploy in their daily work – including mine.”

Gloria GuittuOffice Administrator

The best thing about working at TSS is the principle of ‘creative problem-solving’ – an idea that means you can make mistakes, as long as you can learn from them.”

Reji BabuProject Engineer

Nothing can compare to the feedback we get from customers. They really appreciate the extra mile we run for them, which simply fuels even more dedication. It’s a self-sustaining journey.”

Joe MathenSenior Project Engineer

No two customers are the same. No two customers face the same challenges. That’s why whenever we have a workshop at our clients premises, I enjoy the recognition that we have really gone in-depth to create unique customer-oriented understanding of solar energy systems.”

Jan Willem HendriksManaging Director

Last year I had a chance meeting with a maintenance manager in Indonesia. He told me that his systems in the field often failed – but thought that it was just a fact of life that he had to put up with. I suggested that we work with his team to do some in-depth analysis. We deep-dived into the current design and its working environment, and identified several opportunities for improvement. Since then we rebuilt and installed the systems, it’s still all about supporting people.”

Arnout HendriksDirector Marketing & Sales

We’re all an enthusiastic bunch of go-getters operating as a tight team – just like our customers. It gives me an enormous boost every day to know that we are helping genuine pioneers.”

Geertje DamenAdministrative Support Officer

I like working with the test setups in the LAB – it’s an ideal environment.”

Jos de VriesResearch & Development

At TSS you are so much more than “a link in the chain” – commitment and involvement are key factors in everything we do. This not only makes your work that much more diverse and interesting, it also ensures the best possible customer service.”

Patrick GroenenMarketing & Sales Support Officer

The fact that we all love our work is obviously a major positive. Each day it drives us to closer customer interaction, continuous innovation and attention to the smallest details. And each day it produces new ideas.

Ibrahim JavedProject Engineer