Solar systems

Solar array

The TSS solar array consists of solar modules with a voltage that is appropriate to charge the batteries, taking into consideration the voltage drops in the cabling. The customized TSS solar modules have a junction box in which both serial and parallel connections can be made. This reduces the number of sub-array junction boxes, the cabling number of connections. A higher reliability against a lower price. The TSS support structure can withstand wind speeds up to 160 km/hr and offers facilities to mount the control and distribution box; cable trays are included. This integrated design saves cabling and material for control racks. All designs offer a higher reliability against a lower price.

Battery banks

Shaded by the solar array the battery banks remain as cool as possible. The IP43 rating of the TSS battery box assures optimal ventilation to reduces heating up and to avoid build-up of gases. The batteries are selected to withstand the harsh environment and to adapt to the daily cycling of the use in a solar energy system. Since current only is available when the sun shines. The battery bank defines the voltage of the solar energy system. Fluctuating with the State of Charge this means that a constant voltage cannot be provided to charge the battery. This means that the battery should accept current whenever the voltage of the source is higher than its own. All to make sure that you’ll keep going when others fail.

Control equipment

TSS develops the control equipment used in the solar energy systems. Being the heart of a solar energy system it is of utmost importance that the control equipment always works. In respect of operating at high temperatures , the TSS charge controllers and DC/DC Converters can withstand temperatures up to 85 °C while operating at full capacity. All equipment is capable of handling high currents so that less parallel operation is required, resulting in less items, less connections, smaller cabinets. All to make sure that you’ll keep going when others fail.