What can we do for you?

We will keep you going

Our solar energy solutions will keep your production going because we use high-performance components combined with smart design. For example, our charge controller uses components that ensure operation in temperatures of up to 85ºC – since the temperature in enclosures often exceeds ambient temperatures. Also, if the processor ever stops, your solar energy system will not, because the unique-to-TSS fallback mode kicks in and takes over. In addition, the solar energy system’s unique dual system set-up gives you built-in redundancy. Even if you shut down half the system, you will still retain 100% of the power to keep you going. What’s more, this unique dual set-up uses the same number of components as a single-system set-up. Also, the solar module junction box can accommodate serial and parallel connections without a sub-array junction box. The result? Fewer components, less wiring, and lower costs all round – all while eliminating possible failure points. It all adds up to extreme reliability in extreme conditions. Always.

The TSS charge controller performs at 99.75% efficiency at 85°C. So your system will not only keep you going, it will do so without wasting a drop of energy.