GG offshore platform in Indonesia

In close co-operation with Meindo, the EPC Contractor building the platform, the solar energy systems have been designed in such a way that they would fit in the available space on the platform. Changes to the set-up of the system, but also changes to the design of the platform have been carried out while engineering the solution.

TSS trained the local field engineers to do the installation and maintenance. Last stages of installation have been supervised by TSS, commissioning was executed by TSS and the local engineers have been trained to be able to carry out the maintenance of the system offshore.

North West Section of Java Sea, Indonesia

Year of installation

Instrumentation and telecommunication

1092 Ah/day @ 24 Vdc

Design features
ATEX Zone 1 Solar array of 15,500 Wp
ATEX Zone 1 Battery bank of 11,400 Ah/C192 @ 24 Vdc
ATEX Zone 1 control rack and distribution board

Total number of systems