Habshan Maqta Thaweela Pipeline, Abu Dhabi

The systems have been supplied to replace older systems which were at their end of life. With our knowledge about, and our experience in the environment the systems were to be installed, TSS was able to work closely with all EPC Contractors involved to optimize the solution.

During the installation phase, the TSS’s engineers supported by supervising the installation. After the installation of all systems, TSS has commissioned the systems to assure the correct operation of the solar power systems.

Desert, Abu Dhabi

Year of installation

Cathodic protection & Instrumentation

632 Ah/day @ 24 Vdc & 975 Ah/day @ 24 Vdc

Design features
Solar array of 6,450 Wp & 9,165 Wp
Battery bank of 5,258 Ah/C120 @ 24 Vdc & 7,868 Ah/C120 @ 24 Vdc

Total number of systems