Hybrid Systems for NAM / Shell at North Sea

NAM and Shell UK required a reliable and low OPEX solution for the electrical power supply for their offshore operation on new unmanned platforms on the North Sea. A design that combined wind turbines with the ATEX Zone 1 solar energy systems was the perfect solution. To enable the exchange of the systems offshore a skid was developed so that onshore maintenance was possible, which avoids cost for expensive offshore maintenance.

TSS supplied the systems and was contracted by NAM and Shell UK to carry out both the preventive and corrective maintenance. To be able to do so, all systems have been equipped with a data logger and communication system to provide the TSS engineers the possibility to continuously monitor the systems and to act immediately in case of system irregularities.

North Sea, Netherlands & UK

Year of installation
2006 & 2007

Instrumentation & telecommunication

1,400 Ah/day @ 24 Vdc

Design features
ATEX Zone 1 Solar array of 6,120 Wp
Two ATEX Zone 2 each 2.5 kW Wind Turbines (Free issued)
ATEX Zone 1 Battery bank of 11,220 Ah/C120 @ 24 Vdc
ATEX Zone 1 control rack & distribution board
Skid-type for easy transport and offshore exchange

Total number of systems
6 (each consisting of 2 skids)