Pipeline in South Iraq

This project comprises off-grid solar energy systems to power cathodic protection of a new pipeline in the Basrah, Iraq region.

TSS designed and engineered the solar energy systems and integrated the cathodic protection controller and remote communication modems of the customer. All procurement, production and assembly was carried out by TSS.

TSS trained the local field engineers to carry out the installation and maintenance. As part of the training the first two systems have been installed under supervision of TSS.

South Iraq

Year of installation

Cathodic Protection

20V/40A (842 Ah/day @ 24 Vdc)

Design features
Solar array of 10,530 Wp
Battery bank of 7,200 Ah/C168 @ 24 Vdc
Integrated CP-controller in distribution board
GPRS-modem for remote monitoring

Total number of systems