Shell telecom-sites, Gabon

After a system health check performed on two existing solar systems it appeared that refurbishment would not be the best solution, also not because of the new extra requirements. The solar systems were more than 12 years old and the loads would increase because of extra functionality of the new telecommunications systems. Therefore refurbishment would cost more than replacement.

TSS executed the initial health checks with a site visit, designed the new systems to the new requirements, provided all the design, engineering, procurement and construction and supported during the installation of the systems.

Koumaga & Rabi Hill, Gabon

Year of installation


720 Ah/day @ 24 Vdc & 1,010 Ah/day @ 24 Vdc

Design features
Solar array of 11,700 Wp & 16,380 Wp
Battery bank of 5,258 Ah/C120 @ 24 Vdc & 7,184 Ah/C120 @ 24 Vdc

Total number of systems