How will we do it for you?

By combining smart thinking with extended reliability

Throughout the design of your TSS solution, we will use our many years of specialist experience to embed smart thinking and create extended reliability beyond the solar energy system. For example, most charge controllers have only one input for the solar array. We’ve built in three, so if a connection on one charge controller fails, that charge controller will still provide you with the energy of two of its sub arrays to keep you going.

Another example of our extended reliability is the TSS solar array support structure. It includes integrated facilities to mount control equipment and attach cables. This eliminates the need for a separate control rack and minimizes the length of cables, reducing costs by minimizing components and increasing reliability. We’ve also built the system so you can locate the batteries in the shade underneath the solar modules – because cooler batteries mean longer life, further lowering costs for you. Always.

ATEX / IECEx certified

Our energy systems pass the highly rigorous ATEX/IECEx standards for explosive environments. So you can sleep soundly knowing that your offshore platform’s solar energy system will never spark an international incident.